Romantic Places to Get Married in New Zealand’s North Island

The North Island offers an array of places to get married; however ever popular ideas include vineyards, beaches and gardens. Below is a selection from each of these categories.


Vineyards are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings as many have function areas specifically for such events. They are also picturesque and romantic. The vineyards listed below are popular for wedding ceremonies.

Stonyridge, Waiheke Island.

Stonyridge specializes in ultra premium organic red wine and hosts a small number of weddings each year in the café overlooking the vineyard and olive grove. Continue reading

Finding Romance – How and Where to Meet Single Men or Women

A big challenge facing single people can be finding someone compatible for a romantic relationship. Dating and romance are available to people of all ages for those who know where to look.

Go Back to School to Find Love

Remember the anticipation of the first day of high school or college classes, wondering if there would be anyone interesting sitting in the next seat? School is one of the best ways to meet new people because it lasts at least a semester, providing time to get to know others in a natural way.

Peruse the college catalog for classes that may enhance a sagging career or look for something of interest. Chances are, the other students in the room will have something in common. Continue reading

Erectile Dysfunction – ED: Causes of Male Impotence, Treatments for Impotency

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is sometimes referred to as male impotency. This is a condition that causes men the inability to hold an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Male impotency is more common than many men often believe. Almost every man has experienced ED at one time in their life; however, the severity of erectile dysfunction varies with every patient.  Continue reading

Romantic Places to Get Married in New Zealand’s South Island

Unlike the North Island, where many people think of beaches and vineyards as the most romantic places to get married, the South Island offers a whole new flavor. From mountains, lakes and rivers to more unusual options like getting married in Orana Wildlife Park, there is something to suit every dream and budget. The following places range from popular wedding venues to less well known ones – however, no matter where you choose, your wedding is sure to be memorable. Continue reading