Finding Romance – How and Where to Meet Single Men or Women

A big challenge facing single people can be finding someone compatible for a romantic relationship. Dating and romance are available to people of all ages for those who know where to look.

Go Back to School to Find Love

Remember the anticipation of the first day of high school or college classes, wondering if there would be anyone interesting sitting in the next seat? School is one of the best ways to meet new people because it lasts at least a semester, providing time to get to know others in a natural way.

Peruse the college catalog for classes that may enhance a sagging career or look for something of interest. Chances are, the other students in the room will have something in common.

Hobby Groups and Professional Organizations

One of the most difficult aspects of forging a new romantic relationship is finding someone with shared interests and hobbies. Joining a hobby group or professional eliminates that problem. Chances are, everyone there will share some of the same passions that provide excellent conversation starters. To find groups of interest, look in community newspapers, ask at the library and contact the local chamber of commerce.

Examples of hobby groups and clubs include:

  • Swing Dance Club
  • Rotary Club
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Cooking Club

Special Interest Groups

People who have a special interest that ignites their passion can join an organization to help the cause. The side benefit is meeting others who share the same enthusiasm. Whether it’s political or a cause to help underprivileged children, working as a team can help bring couples together and show the depth of their heart.

Examples of special interest groups include:

  • Food bank volunteer organizations
  • Natural disaster relief groups
  • Political activist groups
  • Political campaigns
  • Environmental groups
  • Political lobby groups
  • Girls and Boys Clubs
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters
  • Animal Rescue Organizations

Church Singles Groups

A shared faith often gets couples through some of the most difficult times, so meeting people at church is a natural way to find someone with similar values and ways to deal with issues that crop up in life.

Many larger churches have singles groups for different ages. Smaller churches may combine singles and couples into one large group, which can be good for those who can benefit from relationship mentors.

Dating Services

Most dating services have individuals fill out questionnaires before they post personal profiles. Some services only offer matches, while others list everyone in a geographical area. Before selecting a dating service, read the policies. Many dating services specialize in specific needs based on physical, ethnic, religious or other preferences.

Some online dating services include:


Blind Date

Although some people balk at the thought of going on a blind date, who would know better about a great match than friends? Single people who would like to meet someone new may be pleasantly surprised by how well their buddies know them.

There are several ways to meet potential love matches through friends. One way is to let everyone know by talking or broadcasting on a social website. Another is to discreetly ask if friends know someone who is single and available.

Expand all opportunities to meet the right person and fall in love. Take some classes, join an organization or find someone who enjoys the same hobbies. Go to singles groups at church, sign up with dating services and be willing to go on a blind date set up by friends. Love just might be right around the next corner.